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Call Us : 647-716-4783   

We, at the CHAPIN Glass and Mirror are especially offer superior Glass and Mirror works for your residential projects. We are providing a wide range of material and designs, whether a frameless shower door installation or a complete set of customized shower case with Glass and metal solutions, kitchen backsplash, or staircase.  We at CHAPIN Glass and Mirror, turn your ideal projects for your residence into reality. There is no small project. We attend to every detail of the project from the beginning to the end.
 We, at the CHAPIN Glass and Mirror work around your schedule to convert your office from an ordinary to a superior look with whether all glass partitions and doors, exterior glass topless railing systems or all wall mirrors. We work closely with your designers and architects to assure the project is built to the greatest precision and every detail in place. At CHAPIN Glass and Mirror, No project is too small or too large.

Mirrors can change the look and feel of any atmosphere drastically. Convert the look and feel of a small space under the stairs to more comfortable space. Duplicate the windows on one side of the building to the other with an all wall mirror. And thousand of other projects.

We are specialized to work closely with your interior designers or suggest a solution for your home or office to convert it to a much more comfortable space to live and work in.


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